Thursday, 20 March 2008

You learn something new

I picked up this purple fabric with no idea what it wanted to be. It was on sale at Fabricland so there wasn’t too much of the worry about screwing it up that I’m usually plagued with. Does anyone else do that? Putting off cutting into fabric for fear of wasting it?

So I pulled it out the other day once Lana’s gift was finished and started planning and pinning. Pleats have been calling to me lately. Yes, pleats. No it’s not really my style, but neither are skirts. This spring (if it ever gets here) I want to start wearing skirts. I get really hot and miserable in the summer, shorts ride up, jeans are too hot, so skirts are my last option. Yes dresses are a possibility too, but I’m baby stepping into the world of girly clothes. I wouldn’t want to stumble this early in the game and relapse only to wake up covered in camo coveralls or something.

So the seductive coolness of the skirt is tempting me. My first attempt came out pretty well formed, working without a pattern. Why do I even buy patterns anyway? I never seem to use them. Ah well, that’s a rant for another day.

The skirt was all pleated, zipper sewn in and the waistband was even attached when I learned something new and very important about myself. I guess there was always a hint that I understood this problem, I did sew the pleats in the back a little longer than the front because of what I thought was a big butt issue, but that isn’t actually the problem.

Hello, my name is Kerri and I have Swayback. I can just hear you all cringe and scream in shock and horror. I have images from the old Godzilla movies flashing in my head. In case you, like me, were one of the uninformed it means that my spine curves in more than it should at my lower back, this in turn tilts the hips forward which causes my butt to stick out. It explains why my shirts always bunch up at my lower back (the back waist length is shorter than the front waist length so there is too much fabric length on my back). It also explains why I usually wear RTW pants higher in the back and lower at the front and why if I pull up the waistband in the front to make it even with the back then the pants gape at the back. It also explains why my skirts are always shorter in the back, it’s not due to my enormous butt! Oh so many things to learn! I am not a monster! I just have a weird posture. I’m sure Quasimodo is feeling me.

If you, like me have fitting issues, I found this site to be very helpful. It isn’t just about the swayback issue but helps with tons of fitting adjustments! This is quickly becoming my favourite quick help site as the written instructions are short and there are helpful little diagrams showing how to chop up and change the offending pattern piece. Go, New Mexico State University!

Oh and here is my skirt I still need to sew the hem - taken up a little more in the front than the back, but on my next skirt I’ll test out the new found alteration information. I will be victorious over the sway back!

I think the next skirt will be an A-line, now if only the mail would hurry up and bring the fabric to me. And there is a long weekend! Oh noes, my fabric is never going to get here in time!


Anonymous said...

I love the skirt and that you don't use patterns. In fact, I'm impressed. I really want to make my own, but am so nervous about screwing up that I have only done it for my daughter's clothing, not my own. And is that a duct tape dress form I see?

kerrimade said...

I get nervous that something won't work out as well. But, this skirt was more like a recipe. I think I will write a post about how it goes together. And yes, that is a duct tape dress form I made earlier in March, she is helpful to have around!

Jenaveve said...

I have a stack of fabric I'm 'too afraid' to cut into because I'm a little unsure of what I want to do with it. I need to get over this fear obviously! I wonder - do you keep most of your scrap bits? In a big storage container or something? Once I actually do get making things, I never know whether to keep all the little leftovers or not... Thanks so much for the link to the sewing alterations site, I can't wait to have a look. I too suffer from a myriad of non-normal shape issues (narrow shoulders, bigger bust, short-waist, short everywhere... you get the idea!) so I'm absolutely going to try to find a 'make your own duct tape form' class this year.