Friday, 14 March 2008

It's Done!

Alright, the birthday present is finished. I didn’t use a pattern (anyone else for reinventing the wheel?) so I just went with a general idea and worked backwards. For the most part the finished product and my brain image matched, except in my brain there was another zippered pocket that didn’t find it’s way into the design.

I made the zippered pocket, the zippered pocket was lovely and it quietly waited on the table until it was time to be worked into the bag.

He amused himself with some fabric scraps as I interfaced and ironed. What a good little pocket.

He got in a little reading while I busily sewed up his big brother.

Then the zippered pocket got bored waiting and fell asleep. Because the pocket was sleeping he didn’t notice that it was his turn to get worked into the bag. Now the pocket is mad and is refusing to talk to me, but the bag is finished so I have something to show at least.

He was even more upset that his brother found his way into the bag.

I'll mail it, as soon as I can find a box to fit it. Mental note, design gifts based on the sizes of available boxes.


Roxanne said...

I always do stuff like that! But pocket or no pocket that is one amazing purse! I'm sure your friend will love it!!

Ravendove said...

Mom's definately gonna love this Kerri - honest.

And you are, as always, some sort of weird crafting-related mind reader because she's been whining for about two months about needing a new bag to use as a purse.

You rock.

And I've been keeping her away from your site - she has no clue.

kwebear said...

This is THE PERFECT PRESENT!! It is beautiful, classy....and BIG ENOUGH to carry all my junk too!!!

I love it! And, of course, I love you too. :)

Thank You, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!


Raven was right....YOU DO ROCK!!!!