Sunday, 9 March 2008

Everyone needs a dragon

So I was looking on ravelry again and found a pattern for a crocheted dragon. No, I really do knit, in fact until recently I knit almost exclusively. But with the addition of a new sewing machine and the desire to quickly burn through my acrylic stash I haven’t made one knitted item in the last month or so…I’ll start something soon, I swear.

Actually, I realized I just lied. I did knit one little thing, it was a washcloth. I had stumbled across a blog called Mossy Cottage Knits whose post about sentient vending machines made me giggle so later when a cry for help came from the same blog I offered assistance. In the crazy accounting system of life it might not be a good rule to throw a washcloth at every person who makes you laugh, but when they ask, well how can you refuse? How often would you have a chance to do that without odd repercussions or misunderstandings anyway? A couple of days later there were more than 30 knitters offering time on their needles to crank out some washcloths. Isn’t that cool?

I didn’t have any kitchen cotton left (I know, I don’t understand it either) but I did have some Garn Studio Muskat in a creamy colour that smuggled itself home with me from an extended stay in Copenhagen. Sneaky, sneaky yarn. So I knit my washcloth and fought the urge to knit another. The only thing keeping me from making more was an image of a pile of talking washcloths meekly saying, “but I only needed 59.” And then I distracted myself with a much needed crochet dragon.

So I found ‘My Fierce but Friendly really Dragon’ (and the ravelry link) who will from now on will just be referred to as him.

Even though I’m a fan of making things in one piece I really didn’t mind putting all his little pieces together. So maybe it’s seaming I don’t like, sewing on wings and little tiny ears is perfectly fine for me. I wasn’t really sure about counting the rounds, but after searching out this YouTube video it became obvious that I was just overthinking everything, it is only numbers after all.

I really like the way this pattern was written, just writing out the total stitches for each round and the general location of the increases or decreases made it easier to shape this little guy. And the wings, which were written out in rows, are so cute (although mine are a little floppier than I would have liked). Just imagine that wing shape becoming a tail, or the collar on a frilled lizard with some tweaking.

So I loved this pattern, it was well written and easy to understand. And it was quick! I just used some worsted space-dyed acrylic. I don’t know the brand, or if it’s still available, but it is a pretty good dragon colour. Of course, a touch of purple would have made it better, but that is always the case for me. Purple is pretty.

I love this little guy. I would have added little buttons on his legs and arms for that teddy- bear-from-my-childhood vibe, but there weren't any around that would match. He is still jointed though so his arms and legs do move. That's why he can sit on his butt and beg for treats...a virgin sacrifice is preferred.

What am I going to be doing with him now that’s he done? Well, a friend likes dragons even more than I do so he will be well taken care of with her...if he ever makes it into the shipping box. Did I mention I love him?

Oh yeah, he’s missing eyes. I don’t know if I should embroider him a pair, or buttons, or eyeballs. He’ll be really done soon, really.

As for tonight, I have finally come to accept my dress form’s shape and size (read: my shape and size) so it’s time to be draping some fabric. I am envisioning a little olive green dress with pleats down the front for contour and shape. There is some knit jersey in the stash and at $2 a metre there won’t be any tears if I muck it up. Wish me luck!

I'm sorry the photos are dark. Must start remembering to take pictures while there is daylight. There really is no excuse now that that days are getting longer.

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Love the dragon!