Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Mama's got a brand new bag

Ok I’ve been procrastinating. The new fabric is sitting prettily on top of another pile of fabric, waiting. Does anyone else feel pressured to make? But at the same time not wanting to make something just for the sake of using up a stash? Or, for fear of screwing it up? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling. It’s easier when someone asks for something specific, so when my mom said she wanted a tote for a trip she is going on I busted out the fabric and got to work.

I used some stretch cotton that I had bought to make a skirt for myself and black cotton for the lining. I made pockets on each end, one for a glasses case and one for a water bottle. Inside is a large zippered divider pocket and I think a small pocket for keys or whatever. So far it is just what I wanted it to look like and I totally fell in love with this material which is an added bonus. After I brought this fabric home I felt kind of meh about it, another drawback to the store shopping – a complete loss of common sense. But now that it has been cut and I’ve had a chance to handle it I can’t wait to make something for me out of it. My mojo just might be crawling back out of whatever dark hole it’s been hiding in.

No, the bag is not finished because I ran out of interfacing and the store was out because I had just missed a huge sale (probably a good thing). It will be finished in a few days and until then I’m chopping up the rest of that cotton for a skirt, or a jacket, or something that I’m going to screw up.…and so the evil cycle begins again.

There a couple of crochet projects on the go for the quest to use up the acrylic but the camera turned them into some kind of blurry radioactive monstrosities (not much of a stretch from reality, but still). I will try to get either some better pictures or mutant superpowers, superpowers could be fun.

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