Thursday, 20 March 2008

If you whine enough

your fabric will come. My package from eQuilter came in today! And I am loving all of it!Yeah, very purple and green. If you didn’t know they were my favourite colours you would by looking at my fabric choices. Orange is my other fav, I live for Hallowe’en!

I am growing to prefer shopping online rather than brick and mortar stores. I have to prepare to go to fabric stores because I get so overwhelmed that I rarely bring home what I went in to get. Lists are written, plans are made, patterns are picked out and then I walk through the door and all of plans go out the window. I wander, I fondle, I design on the fly. I have actually walked out of a fabric store and stood outside for a few minutes to cool down enough to try again. Crazy. Maybe this isn’t you, you are one of the lucky ones, I have seen your kind in the stores - the quiet calm, the relaxed posture, the composure – and I aspire to be like you when I grow up. But that’s not me. To shop online, everything is organized, I can search for a particular colour, pattern or style without having to wander past hundreds of others which inevitably lead to distraction. I can relax, drink a coffee and compare choices rather than running around in the fabric shop like a crazy person with a bunch of bolts in my arms trying to find matches and make decisions. It’s true, you can’t fondle, but it’s a fair trade to save myself from looking like a fabric manic.

So with the cool-headedness that online shopping affords I picked up 4 different purple patterns with plans to make a baby sized quilt based on the Iroquois Confederacy Belt for the Mohawk Fair this year. Not to be confused with the Confederate flag. I am thinking of strip piecing it with one strip representing one row of the wampum beads. The hand quilting will just be stitched in the ditch to accentuate the beaded look of the original belt. In my brain it looks great. Sorry the picture isn't great though, but those beads are all made from drilled quahog shells which are deep purple with colour variations that's the reason for needing so many purple fabrics.

As for all the green fabrics the plans are a little more open. I’m thinking skirts and maybe a bag. I still need to take a trip to the fabric store to pick out some coordinating cotton solids for trims and white for the quilt and thread but that I can handle, they are all in one area.

Thanks Mom for the early birthday presents!

*crosses her fingers that the other package makes it before the weekend*

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