Tuesday, 11 March 2008

No Peeking, Lan!

I’m working on a birthday present for a friend. Her birthday is supposedly February 20, but I have insisted and will continue to insist that her true birthday is March 23. So her gift is not late, and I have a good 3 more days before it needs to be in the mail.
One present/three days=plenty of time, right?

Well, in my brain there have been a lot of ideas rolling around and they all work off this theme. Of all these ideas nothing has actually been created yet. So when do I decide to finally start working out these ideas? And to add to the pressure, this project incorporates skills I’m not very skilled at. Yeah, apparently the crazy runs in the family.

This is a peek at my progress so far. Lana, avert your eyes!

So I’ve never really done appliqué before, but I think it turned out pretty well. Both fabrics are pretty stable so I didn’t use any stabilizer or anything. I did the cutouts and edged it with blanket stitch instead of satin stitching the shape on the teal. So far I’m pretty proud of this. I can’t wait to finish it!


Tamar said...

Hi Kerri! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and for your thoughtful comment. I've been having fun poking around your blog now (yay for the Feeling Stitchy post that started it all, huh?)- you had me laughing with your very first post, being a reformed lurkish type myself.

Also - I refuse to believe you have never appliqued before!! (Is appliqued even a verb?) That is some gorgeous needlework. I'm glad to not be the only one with a yenbeast that demands crochet one day, sewing the next, and after that knitting. Applique though - that is something I haven't had the courage to try yet! I can't wait to see how this piece turns out.

Amy said...

golly! that is gorgeous! your dragon is a cutie too! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. :)

Carolyn said...

I really like this teaser piece so please don't forget to show us how it turns out! Now I'm wanting to pull out some fabric and try my hand at applique again. (Haven't appliqued anything since DS was little and demanded steam engines on all his clothing...)

Badbird said...

Wow, very pretty. I really like this.

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty!