Monday, 25 August 2008

I haven't blogged since April?!?

What? That can't be right! How is that even possible?? Well, I have been a very bad blogger lately completely ignoring my group of loyal readers. You have needs too, I shouldn't be so selfish with my time. I understand and I apologize. Are we still good? I hope so.

Well now that I've gotten that out of the way. What have I been up to? I'm sorry to say but there has been very little crafting on this end. I have been sooo freakin' busy! I've been working 2 jobs and doing some classes. The classes are over now, so hopefully I'll be finding more time to craft and then blog about my crafting as is only fair to all you lovely people. hmm...well I need to eat some lasagna before heading to I won't take pictures, you wierdos. Actually I totally would if I had some more time.

Oh yeah! And I was touched by craft blog royalty a couple days ago when the most awesome Amy of Angry Chicken fame linked to my teensy, completely unworthy blog. I was in shock. I'm sure she doesn't wear a crown but I've always imagined her wearing one, we wouldn't judge her if she did....not that I spend much time fantasizing about all you bloggers out there or anything...cuz that would just be wierd. So for any new readers to my little corner of the blogging world I welcome you. Take a peek around and I hope I can amuse, entertain, and maybe even teach you something new. And if you're looking for me I'm easy to spot, I'm the one in the jester hat. The next post will have pictures and not just random babbling. There will still be random babbling, I can't help myself.