Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It must be Spring! We got a batch of chickens a couple days ago from a friend. He said they hadn't started laying yet, but I had hopes we'd be getting some fresh eggs sooner rather than later. We got more roosters than we had hoped, but we don't live at the stable so the neighbours get to live with the cockadoodle-doing. hehe

Anyway, we went down to the stable this morning and we found this:

Isn't it amazing? Our first home grown egg. And it's green-ish. The camera couldn't pick up the colour very well.

I went running from the chicken coop babbling about how the chickens must like us better and cradling the egg so I didn't drop it to show our baby Cookie-butt who is always interested in the goings-on in the stable. As I rounded the first stall I came to a dead stop. There at the end of the alley was a new foal who was born in the early morning from a mare we didn't even think was carrying! So that kinda trumped my one measly egg. But I didn't have the camera with me at the stable this morning so I couldn't get any pics of the new foal. So the green egg will have to do for now. After all the excitement this morning I had one hell of an appetite so I came back and had a breakfast of our first home grown egg. It was delicious.


Mom Walds Place said...

Soooo, we'll be getting new foal pictures right?!

kerri said...

Hi Mom Walds Place. Well it turns out someone else was so excited about foal pics that they wiped my camera memory after they got done downloading them onto their computer. I'm looking for them!