Monday, 25 February 2008

This is my blog

This is my blog. I have resisted the temptation to start one of these things because I am a genuine lurker at heart and also I know my level of obsession for new shiny is embarrassingly high which would lead to major time suckage on a laptop I already spend way too much time on already. There will be nothing to blog about if I can’t get off this thing to actually make something to blog about.

I am a nearly 30 (less than 2 months away, geez) self/under-employed gal who gets pleasure from making stuff for a living. Yes, I make stuff. I have a yen to create. It’s a very big yen. I am up to my ears in yen and all attempts made to control or limit the yenbeast have failed miserably. But it’s okay, the yenbeast is snuggly and comforting, although it does drool in it’s sleep (it certainly isn’t me drooling). I have no kids, though I have two cats one of which is completely enamoured with the cursor so she spends much of the time I’m at the computer staring intently at the screen. (I pretend that she’s reading all of your blogs along with me, cuz I’m a dork like that.)

Anyway, lots of typing and no pics for the first little while because (again, dork me) I have no camera. Which is the other reason I was putting off starting a blog, but I am trying to convince myself that if I actually had a blog I would feel compelled to finally get a camera so I would have pretty content for the aforementioned blog.

That’s enough for my first time, I wouldn’t want to get all long-winded and babble-y right off the bat. I’ll be back.

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